Microsoft Excel Training

Microsoft Excel Training CoursesMicrosoft Excel Foundation 1 Day Course
The Course Includes:

  • Introduction to spreadsheets
  • Overview of the Excel menus and toolbars
  • Entering & editing data and text
  • Saving workbooks
  • Formatting spreadsheet data & text
  • Calculating using AutoSum
  • Modifying spreadsheet (resizing & inserting columns, rows etc)
  • Constructing basic formulas
  • Copying formulas
  • Understanding absolute cell references
  • Introduction to Excel functions
    • The SUM function
    • The MIN function
    • The MAX function
    • The Average function
    • The COUNT & COUNTA functions
  • Working with the date and time functions
  • Highlighting data with Conditional Formatting
  • Managing large workbooks (freezing rows, columns & panes etc)
  • Printing workbooks & selected spreadsheet data

Microsoft Excel Intermediate 1 Day Course
The Course Includes:

  • Excel overview refresher
  • Linking workbook data
  • Protecting workbooks & cell ranges
  • Advanced conditional formatting techniques
  • Finding data records with VLookups & HLookups
  • Filtering data with the Auto & Advanced filters
  • Macros and their uses
  • Calculating Subtotals and working with Levels
  • Sorting data using Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts
  • Consolidating data in multiple spreadsheets
  • Linking worksheets with 3D formulas
  • Using the Watch Window
  • Data validation & creating drop-down lists
  • Creating and applying custom styles
  • Creating spreadsheet templates
  • Embedding & linking spreadsheets in Word documents & PowerPoint slides

Microsoft Excel Intermediate+ 1 Day Course
The Course Includes:

  • Working with Excel Tables to make filtering & analysing data easier
  • Developing PivotTable skills with more columns and bigger spreadsheets
  • How to achieve more by nesting functions such as IF, AND and OR
  • More on the use of Conditional Formatting, including the use of Icon Sets
  • Further methods of sorting data by values, cell colours, font colours and icons
  • How to consolidate and total data across multiple worksheets and workbooks
  • Visualising trends in data using graphs and charts, including PivotCharts
  • How to manipulate and rearrange text data in Excel
  • Rearranging spreadsheet data using the handy Transpose function
  • Searching databases more effectively using the Index and Match functions
  • How to easily perform  calculations on multiple values using the Array functions

Microsoft Excel Advanced 1 Day Course
The Course Includes:

  • Using advanced functions
    • Conditional Logic: using the IF function
    • Using Not, AND, OR functions
    • Nested IF functions
    • The IFERROR function
  • Using maths & statistical functions
    • The SUMIF function
    • The COUNTIF function
    • The AVERAGEIF function
  • Introduction to the new 2007 Excel functions: SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, AVERAGEIFS
  • Working with data
    • Speeding Data Entry with Excel Forms
    • Tidying the database with the TRIM function
    • Extracting text & data using FIND and MID functions
    • Using the VALUE function
  • Working with advanced database functions
    • The DSUM function
    • The DAVERAGE function
    • The DCOUNT function
  • Creating a Dashboard with PivotCharts & Slicers
    • Using Goal Seek
    • Creating & merging Scenarios

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