Office 365 Training Courses Lincolnshire

Microsoft Office 365 Training Courses in Lincolnshire from £55 per delegate

Microsoft’s Cloud solution is becoming increasingly popular with both organisations and individuals. To get the most from the extensive range of features we offer a 1 day training course, delivered at your own offices from as little as £55 per person. This is based upon our group pricing structure as shown below:

  • 1 – 3 delegates: £450
  • 4 – 6 delegates: £500
  • 7 – 10 delegates: £550
  • 10+ delegates: £550 + £50 / additional delegate

The course includes an overview of the changes in Office 2013, along with training in the use of Microsoft’s Cloud storage features One Drive and SharePoint.

For more information about Microsoft Office 365 training courses in Lincolnshire, please use our contact page or call 0800 2922842

Microsoft Office 365 Training Courses Essex

Microsoft Office 365 training at your own offices anywhere in Essex from £55 per person

If you are upgrading to Office 365, we can get your staff up and running on all the popular tasks in a single day. Here is a brief overview of our 1 day Office 365 conversion course:

  • What is Office 365?
    • Introduction
    • History
    • Options
  • The Outlook Web App
    • Introduction
    • Email
    • Folders
    • Calendars
    • Contacts
    • Tasks
    • Options
  • The Office Web Apps
    • Introduction
    • Working with Office online
    • Web App features
    • Using Office 365 on mobile devices
  • Using the SkyDrive
    • Introduction
    • Uploading and sharing documents
    • Connecting with PCs and mobile devices
  • Connecting & Collaborating with Others
    • Using SharePoint Online
    • Setting up a team site
    • Creating and editing the team site
    • Adding pages and web parts
    • Using Lync
    • Newsfeeds

There are many new features in Microsoft office 365 and getting the best from the software will need some guidance. One of the primary aims of Office 365 is to facilitate sharing of information and collaboration of geographically disparate teams. Several features have been included in different packages of Office 365 to assist with this including SkyDrive and  Lync. Users can now easily access files  from any remote machine and share them with others.  Companies may also wish to take advantage of such features as the hosted email service, web conferencing, SharePoint intranet sites, 24/7 telephone support and Active Directory integration.

For further information regarding Microsoft Office 365 training courses in Essex, please visit our contact page for options.

Microsoft Excel Training Courses Canterbury

Microsoft Excel training courses in CanterburyFrom £55 per person – Microsoft Excel training courses delivered at your own offices in Canterbury

We are now delivering Excel training onsite in Canterbury from as little as £55 per person. With the cost of public Microsoft courses now averaging around £300 per delegate, arranging an Excel course at your own offices makes good financial sense. Also, onsite training can be tailored to meet you personal and Company needs. You can read more about this option on our onsite training page.

Choosing an Excel training provider clearly requires careful consideration and you may find our testimonials page helpful when making comparisons. All of our trainers are qualified in their fields and have many years of industry experience.

For more information about onsite Excel training courses in Canterbury, please call free on 0800 2922842 or visit our contact page.

Accountancy Training Courses Lincolnshire

Accountancy training courses conveniently delivered at your own offices in Lincolnshire

We are now delivering bespoke accountancy training courses throughout Lincolnshire on a one-to-one and group basis. Our trainers have many years of experience not only as tutors, but also as qualified accountants. Our courses include all aspects of bookkeeping and payroll. We can also provide Sage software training at all levels.

For more information on accountancy training courses in Lincolnshire, please call free on 0800 2922842 or email us below for more details.

Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Prestwick

Microsoft Excel training courses in PrestwickFrom £55 per person – Microsoft Excel training courses conveniently delivered at your own offices in Prestwick

Investing in Excel training can make a large difference to office productivity. There is so much that can be done with Excel to make administration and accounting faster and more efficient, but there is an old adage which states that “you don’t know what you don’t know”! Many individuals are self taught with the software and this is sufficient up to a point, but it is difficult to make further progress when it is unclear what you should be learning. This is where a good structured training course comes in.

We deliver Microsoft Excel courses at Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced levels, so that your staff can benefit from further training  no matter what their current experience. Even complete beginners can learn how to become proficient Excel in just 1 day of onsite training. In order to help you determine the correct level for your staff, we provide free Training Needs Analysis. This is a quick and simple tick-box form which will provide all the information that we need to ensure that you receive precisely the right Excel training for your circumstances.

Our onsite daily training rates work our considerably cheaper than sending staff onto public open courses. Please visit our Onsite Training Courses page for a full breakdown of our daily group rates.

For more information about Microsoft Excel training courses in Prestwick, please visit our contact page.

Microsoft Excel Training Courses Ayrshire

Microsoft Excel training courses in AyreshireExcel training courses delivered at your own premises in Ayrshire from just £55 per person

If you are thinking about sending staff onto an Excel course you have a number of options available. The traditional public open course costs in the region of £280 per person, plus associates travelling costs and time. An onsite Excel course at your own offices in Ayrshire is likely to work out considerably cheaper, especially if you have 2 or more staff who require training. Our group onsite training rates can cost as little as £55 per person for a class of 10 delegates. Please visit our onsite training page for full details, including a breakdown of our pricing structure.

The major issue with arranging a Microsoft course at your own offices used to be the availability of equipment. We have solved this problem by providing all the equipment needed, including laptops if required. You can now use virtually any office space for your Excel training, making this option not only cheaper but far more convenient.

For more information about Microsoft Excel training courses in Ayrshire, please refer to our details on the contact page.

Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Stoke on Trent

Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Stoke on Trent.From £55 per person – Microsoft Excel training courses delivered onsite at your own offices in Stoke on Trent

Without doubt the most frequently delivered IT training in the UK is on Microsoft Excel. Many people are self-taught which is fine for the basics, but when it comes to getting the most from the software a certain amount of tuition is inevitably required. However, even a single day’s training can be highly beneficial in helping staff to become more effective in their everyday spreadsheet tasks, providing it is focused and targets the key workplace needs. Our range of Excel courses covers Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels and have been carefully designed to teach the most work-relevant topics at each stage in learning. All of our tutors are highly qualified and industry experienced; you can read what clients have to say about our training services on the Testimonials page.

MS Excel is of course primarily a business tool and as such, staff need to learn practical skills rather than just theoretical knowledge. To this end, all of our courses are very ‘hands on’ in nature with delegates using the software continually throughout the day. We can provide laptops to facilitate this if required and you can see full details, including pricing, on our Onsite Training Courses page.

To find out how you can arrange an in-house Excel training course at your own offices in Stoke on Trent, please call free on 0800 2922842, or alternatively email us below:

Microsoft Project Training Courses Glasgow

Microsoft Project Training Courses in Glasgow.Microsoft Project training courses in Glasgow from just £55 per delegate

The demand for MS Project training remains despite the cut in many organisations’ budgets. This is undoubtedly due in part to the amount of project time that can be saved with the software, but also because it has never been easy to teach oneself.

There are a number of common pitfalls in the use of Microsoft Project, one of the most notorious being the habit of entering start and finish dates for individual tasks. Whilst this would seem to be the obvious thing to do, setting start and finish dates through the task sheet actually takes away much of the software’s capability. Instead we should determine task dates through their relationships or ‘task dependencies’ as they are known. Learning the correct way to schedule your plans with Microsoft Project will give you far more flexibility should the need arise to make changes.

In just 1 day you can learn all the fundamentals of the software and be able to program projects with confidence. To see an overview of the course content please visit the Onsite Training Courses page on our main website.

For more information about Microsoft Project training courses at your own offices in Glasgow please call 0800 2922842 or email us below:

Microsoft Excel Training Courses Retford

Microsoft Excel Training Courses in Retford.From £55 per person – Excel training courses delivered at your offices in Retford

There is always something new to learn about Microsoft Excel; from the early days of Office ’95 the application has undergone many changes and in many ways is much easier to use now than it used to be. However, the old adage that says ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ has always been particularly true when it comes to using MS Excel. Many people are self-taught and whilst this can work well for some, you cannot of course teach yourself that which you don’t know is there! And there are many features and techniques in Excel which go unnoticed by most.

This is where a professionally structured training course comes in. Just 1 day is sufficient to teach the methods in Excel which will streamline your spreadsheet tasks and cut down on the amount of office time spent ‘doing things the hard way’. Often the greatest time savings can be made among those who have some experience of working with Microsoft Excel, but have not been shown the correct way to use it. For these people our Intermediate training course is ideal. Some of the time-saving topics covered include absolute cell references, conditional formatting, filtering, VLookups and PivotTables / PivotCharts.

If you would like to discuss your own Excel raining requirements you can call us free on 0800 2922842, or alternatively email us at the address below. We will be very happy to discuss your options and give advice without any obligation.

Associate Trainers Required Across the UK

Due to our expanding client base we are looking for freelance  trainers in all regions throughout the UK. Suitable associates will have industry experience as well as a training / teaching qualification. Relevant technical qualifications and / or certification are also required. We are looking for trainers to deliver 1 day courses on the following applications:

  • Microsoft Office: including Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, Visio & Word
  • VBA
  • Sage
  • Prince2

We are looking for freelance trainers to cover all regions of the UK including England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales.

If you are interested in joining our growing team of associate trainers, please email and include your current CV.