How to Use Goal Seek in Microsoft Excel 2007

Goal Seek is a very useful function in Excel which is used to determine a value which will produce a target figure in a calculation. In this example we have a spreadsheet of salaries and which have been awarded a 5% annual increase. The total increase for all salaries is £7,516, however we only have a budget for £6,200. Here is how we would solve the problem with Goal Seek:

using Goal Seek in Microsoft Excel

  1. First download the Excel spreadsheet Salary Increases.
  2. Next click the Data tab on the Ribbon, then click What If Analysis and select Goal Seek.
  3. In the Goal Seek dialogue box enter D11 in the Set Cell field.
  4. In the To Value field type the value 6200.
  5. For the By changing cell field enter cell reference  B3.
  6. Finally click OK and Goal Seek will calculate the correct salary percentage increase to meet the budget of £6200.

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