Using the IFERROR Function in Excel 2007

The IFERROR is a simple but useful function in Excel 2007 and simplifies the old ISERROR function from earlier versions. Essentially, IFERROR provides an easy means to replacing standard Excel error messages with something more ‘user friendly’. Many Excel users will be familiar with errors such as #DIV/O!, but to others these messages can seem ominous and confusing. Using IFERROR we can customise the output message based upon a particular error and present it in a manner that any inexperienced user will be able to understand.
using IFERROR in Microsoft Excel 2007

  1. First download the Excel 2007 spreadsheet Using IFERROR.
  2. You can see that in column D we have a couple of #DIV/O! errors where the unit price has been entered as zero. Dividing any value by zero will produce this standard error message.
  3. Now click in cell D4 then select the Formulas tab.
  4. Click the Logical button and select IFERROR to launch the function wizard.
  5. In the Value field we need to enter the formula B4/C4 to calculate the number of units sold.
  6. Next in the Value if Error field, type a text message which will be displayed in place of the normal #DIV/O!  Make this something self-explanatory such as “Check Price”.
  7. Now click OK and finally copy the function down column D.

This is one of the simplest of all Excel functions, but it can make it much easier for a less-skilled user to work with your spreadsheets.

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