New Search Engine Optimisation Course

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an important aspect of business today; a great website which no one can find is uselesss. Paying to have your website ‘optimised’ by an SEO company can be an expensive business. There will usually be an initial fee to make ‘on-page’ changes to your website content, then an ongoing monthly fee to cover their time building inbound links and ‘tweaking’ your page content.

These are skills however which we can teach you to do. Our SEO 1 day course will give you detailed knowledge on how Google ranks your website and how you can make improvements. No one can guarantee a #1 position (not even the SEO companies!) but we can guarantee that you can make significant improvements to your Google rankings. You will be working one to one with an SEO trainer who will guide you step by step through all the processes that will ensure your website gets found. For more information about our search engine optimisation courses email or phone 07783 543272.